What is Resonance AI?

Resonance provides contextual awareness services to enhance products and services with  real-time understanding and reactions based on the user’s physical scenario. We recognize user behavior patterns like: the user just started running, user is driving to work, user went to his or her favorite restaurant, etc.

This data becomes actionable triggers that developers can use to automate or suggest actions, allowing the apps and devices to enhance overall user experience. Examples:  The smart lock recognizes that the user isn’t home so it locks the door or an app that turns an alternative itinerary before going to work, whenever there’s a traffic jam on the commute.

All of this is done while maintaining complete user control over permissions and privacy.

Why There Is A Resonance AI Platform?

Resonance AI’s Platform is a powerful tool designed to cut development time in a very seamless way.

Continuare quando la piattaforma è definita.

How Do I Get Access to the Resonance AI Platform?

Resonance AI "lives" in the web dashboard (currently in beta stage) we provide. You just need to land here, register for a new account, and start developing marvellous things!

How do I get started with Resonance AI SDK?

The best place to get started is with the Get Started guide. If you face any issues, or want help getting the ball rolling, write to dev-support(at)atooma(dot)com .

Which contexts are available with Resonance AI SDK?

There are several events and contexts that the Resonance SDK can detect, from workplace to workout. In the full documentation you will find the full list of events Resonance enabled.

Does Resonance AI SDK only run locally on the device or does it require internet connectivity to operate?

For full functionality of Resonance service connectivity will be required. Resonance SDK has a component that runs locally on the devicethat can make basic assessments. For more advanced features and predictions the Resonance SDK will depend on the cloud side processing.

What are the hardware and software requirements for the Resonance AI SDK?

iOS: We require iOS 8.1 and up and device iPhone 5s and newer.

Android: Android 4.2.x, API level 17

Note: We require that device has GPS location sensors, WiFi and network connectivity (3G/ 4G) .

What is the training period for Resonance AI SDK before automations can be real?

Once user installed the app or starts to use the product, Resonance will then start identifying contexts. After 14 days Resonance will autonomously detect common locations and activities and will start to provide smart actions.

What additional devices and services can be integrated?

Resonance SDK already integrates several devices and services. Take a look to the full documentation, or to the integrations page to see the updated list.

How do permissions work on Resonance AI SDK?

Each Resonance event and service requires users’ permissions. Permissions granting has two steps.

  • Developers select permissions from a list while registering their application in the developer dashboard.
  • Based on the requested permissions, users are asked to give permissions when they are authenticated to the app builded with Resonance. Developers can subscribe only to these events for which users have given permissions, and only those are enabled.

What is Resonance’s privacy policy?

We believe that privacy is an important issue. You can read our Privacy policy here.