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The first iPhone app that boosts your daily routine and helps you stay on top of weather, fitness, relationships, driving and much more. Just scroll through the Explore section to discover Smart Actions and tap into the ones you need. Just a few preferences to set and you're good to go.

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Proactive Weather Alerts

Preempt bad weather while working-out. Receive a notification if weather changes occur while you are running, biking or driving.

On Top of Parking Spots

Where the hell did I parked?
Receive an email with your saved location when your vehicle's Bluetooth gets disconnected. Find it easily!

Share Your Daily Commute

Let your beloved know you're back home.
Email or text a specific contact when entering home, automatically.

Music on the move

Run at your own rythm. Get your music app launched while running.

Text-to-Speech while Driving

Your drive and productivity paired.
Get your emails read by voice while driving to avoid any distraction.

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