Smart Actions Are Something Incredible

Create your Smart Action to get any kind of task automagically performed on your smartphone. You can set up conditional events (IF) that trigger simple actions (DO). Want an example? Notify your loved ones as soon as you get out of the office, automatically.

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driving & productivity paired

Get Bluetooth enabled and paired with your car as soon as driving starts. Have your texts, emails, notifications, or calls read by voice and filtered based on time of day or keywords. Try gestures for calling or other repetitive tasks while driving. These and many more Smart Actions are brought to you automatically.

home, family & friends

Use location-based Smart Actions to automate routine alerts among family and friends about daily commute. Connect Atooma-enabled devices like SmartThings sensors, NFC tags and Nest thermostat and combine them with our Triggers and Actions to improve your Smart home experience.

sport & lifestyle

Triggers (IF) and Actions (DO) based on fitness activity enable Smart Actions like "Launch my favorite music app when I'm running and plug in my headphones", or filter your notifications and alerts while enjoying your workout.


Make your wearable experience with Samsung Galaxy Gear I, II, and S and Pebble Watch more useful. Thanks to our hundreds of Triggers, you can link wrist gestures to execute any available action, such as enabling silent mode or opening your door's sensor. Manage your Smart Actions directly from the watch.

office & work

Dropbox, Google Drive and Box are compatible with Atooma to automate file management and make teamwork easier, by receiving or sending automatic alerts, or creating automatic backup of attachments and pictures.
Make office life simpler by choosing to activate silent mode or automatically launch Skype when you step into the office.

Plugins From Partners Bring New Triggers And Actions

We build new Plugins based on the cool products and services. We are happy to welcome Partners in a variety of fields to expand the Smart Assistant App features and offer amazing Smart Actions to their customers.

Location Based Triggers

Setup your Locations like Home or Office and enable Smart Actions for daily commute and more situations. The app detects when you exit or enter places to perform actions you want. Battery consumption is the lowest possible thanks to cells scanning for each Place to reduce GPS usage.

Too lazy to setup a Location? The app recognizes recurring places automatically and offers you to set them up.

NFC Tags to Automate Actions

Write and scan your own NFC Tags with Atooma Smart Assistant and make things happen automatically.

It writes a short code into the Tag that, upon reading, is interpreted into nearly any action that you can imagine.

Want to get ideas? See what some amazing App users have done!

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