Atooma is a tech startup in the field of Internet of Everythings, based in Rome and in Trento. Thanks to a passionate team, Atooma developed an Artificial Intelligent platform able to deliver autonomous and proactive automation across connected devices: Resonance AI, a white label SDK that reduces time and costs to build valuable IoE mobile applications and Devices.


At the very beginning, there wasn’t AI at all, but only an automation engine for the Smartphone. Our story started with the launch of the Atooma Smart Assistant Android app. Every user could use the smartphone to simply build in advanced smart actions in order to boost their productivity or leisure. The app was a great success! For this reason we received a lot of media attention and prestigious awards. We believe in continuous improvement, so after intensive research and thanks to users’ feedback analysis, in the end we understood that end users were truly in love with automations, but they didn’t want to spend time on building or inventing rules. Moreover, we became aware that companies were highly interested in such automations and even more in AI solutions applied to the IoT. These are the reasons why we decided to pivot to b2b and launch Resonance AI SDK at the end of 2015 .

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